Como Fazer o Sanduíche Renergia para o Café da Manhã

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As pessoas costumam perguntar de onde consigo tirar tanta energia. Bem, a resposta é a Dieta Gracie. Este é o sanduíche que costumo comer pela manhã, para começar o dia com força total. Experimente e depois me diga o que achou. Mas siga a receita à risca, ou o efeito não será o mesmo.


Keep it real.

  • Sara Dooley

    Sadly the Kale Munchies are now discontinued but I’m sure we could just dehydrate our own.  I would have had to anyway as I am alergic to agave.  Great video my son really enjoied the last bite!

  • Andrew

    Are there any substitues for kale? I mean avacado yeah my favourite fruit but kale’s one thing i cant find mate.

    • Sundar Jm Brown

      Any leafy green vegetable can be used. Kale, however, is especially potent and nutrient-rich. It exists- look a little harder!

  • A Smith

    I NEVER see you guys wash your hands with soap before you start preparing food. Disgusting!!! Plus, have to tell you, the way you only rinse off your fruit is NOT safe. I am a microbiologist tech, you are not washing off any viral/bacterial microorganisms like you think you are doing. You need to use a drop of soap, Yes Soap, a drop, on the outside of the fruit, rinse, do this again and end rinsing with a strong stream of water.  Otherwise you’re bringing the organisms right into your food when you cut through that skin. At some point you will get sick.  As well, think about this. They don’t have toilets, toilet paper, soap or water out in the fields where some of this fruit may still be picked by hand. So when one of the workers has to go to the bathroom out there, there’s no porta-potty for him to use. What’s he gonna wipe with? What’s he gonna wash his/her hands with? It’s not happening. They go and right after they go back to picking fruit. As well, ever been to Whole Foods or any store and see some disgusting person sneeze without covering their nose/mouth. If they’re standing in the fruit aisle, or maybe they’re standing over the hot food buffet line, they’re disgusting nose/mouth spray can go as far as 15 ft onto the food you just picked up.  So washing your fruit with just water does not cut that bacteria the way you think you are doing! If a microbio tech doesn’t convince you, go frankly ask Martha Stewart herself about washing fruit/veges. She will tell you, use a drop of soap and wash each piece twice!  

    • Lazodisibio

      HOLY germa-phobe!

      • Al Smith

        If you ever saw what grows in a petri dish from simple things we touch and eat – you would rescind that statement.  I’m not a germa-phobe in the least, rather I’m educated about it, practical, safe. When people make those types of statements, they’re usually the ones that don’t wash their hands after they go to the bathroom, before they eat, cleaning the kitty litter, etc. Oh yum, I’d like to have dinner with them. Yuck, not! Maybe you like to dine with those types but I’ll steer clear of them by at least 50 ft. But feel free to ingest all the bacterial and viral microorganisms you want too, just off your hands from not washing regularly – but there’s no way I’m going there. If you ever had a clue about what you were putting in your mouth by not washing your hands, not washing fruit, whatever; or bringing into your home on your hands, you would be nauseous for weeks. So get educated, practice good hygiene and wash your hands often.

        • Brandon Wheaton

          This type of method leads to the resistant super strains we see these days.

    • Sundar Jm Brown

      Al, whenever fruit or vegetables are prepared in the Gracie Diet, they are first cleansed with a produce-specific cleansing agent, rinsed thoroughly, and stored. When brought back out to use, they are given a quick rinse again. Additionally, everything is peeled before being consumed. Hands are always washed prior to preparation. Just because we don’t see every small detail occurring in the video doesn’t mean that’s not happening.

  • A Smith

    Oh and p.s. to my post below. . . . meant to also say, Love your videos. Love you guys. Love your diet. Love what you stand for and thank you for all you do to post videos to teach us so thoughtfully and carefully. 

  • Lazodisibio

    HA!  Good tip!  Thanks!

  • Brandon Wheaton

    Why sautee the spinach? doesn’t that burn off some of the nutrients?

    • Sundar Jm Brown

      No significant nutrients are lost by sauteeing. The warm spinach compliments the warm toast and makes the sandwich very comforting. A great “comfort food” to go to rather than hot french fries or processed sweets.

  • mit-z

    Love this sandwich…


    I’m sorry but YUK!

    • Sundar Jm Brown

      Have you tried it? If not, give it a shot. If you don’t care for the ingredients, then, you can take any of the ingredients listed in Group A and combine them to make your own sandwich! Give it a catchy name and share the info!

  • Hudson

    que sanduiche loco deve ser pessimo o gosto cara!

  • Felipe

    No livro a receita não leva espinafre, o que devo seguir…livro ou video?

  • Alexandre

    Felipe, acredito que fica a seu gosto já que pela tabela do livro o espinafre combina.

  • Danilo

    ow eu faço meu suco com cenoura beterraba couve alface aipo brocolis verde e ponho suco de melancia , não curto abacate estilo salgado mais to acostumando , mais o suco fica chic o sanduiche tu acostuma .

image description O QUE É A DIETA GRACIE ?

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A "Dieta Gracie" é um sistema alimentar desenvolvido durante 65 anos de pesquisa e experimentação pelo Grande Mestre Carlos Gracie. Baseada no bom senso e na combinação adequada dos alimentos, ela é o segredo do sucesso da maior família de atletas do mundo.

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A "Dieta Gracie" é um sistema alimentar desenvolvido durante 65 anos de pesquisa e experimentação pelo Grande Mestre Carlos Gracie. Baseada no bom senso e na combinação adequada dos alimentos, ela é o segredo do sucesso da maior família de atletas do mundo.