A Dieta Gracie Fora de Casa – A Qualquer Hora, em Qualquer Lugar

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Multi Fruits with Cherrys

A Dieta é flexível o bastante para que, mesmo você estando numa lojinha de conveniência de um posto de gasolina no meio do nada, ainda possa improvisar.  Aqui vão algumas sugestões:

Primeiro – procure encontrar frutas frescas e use-as como base de sua  refeição, observando as combinações apropriadas;

Segundo – se não conseguir frutas frescas, tente uma salada (sem molho) com algum tipo de castanha (sem passas);

Terceiro – um saquinho de castanhas (sem passas) e água, biscoitos salgados tipo cream-crackers são opcionais e, finalmente – um sanduíche de atum ou peito de peru e água.

Dicas e Lembretes

  • Gema de ovo crua ou cozida, água de côco, levedura de cerveja, café e muitos tipos de chá são considerados neutros e são compatíveis com qualquer alimento.
  • O pão deve ser feito com farinha integral e é melhor que não seja consumido dentro das primeiras 24 horas depois de assado.  Então, antes de ser comido, deverá ser torrado ou aquecido no forno.
  • Evite doces, alimentos enlatados em calda e especiarias, incluindo pimenta, cravo, canela, mostarda, picles e vinagre.
  • Não coma carne carne de porco de forma alguma.
  • Faça intervalos de pelo menos 4 1/2 entre as refeições, para assegurar uma digestão completa antes de comer novamente.  Se passar um pouco, tudo bem.  As crianças devem comer de 4 em 4 horas.  Se você ficar com fome antes do horário da próxima refeição, beba um copo de água.  Nada de lanchinhos!
  • Shyanne

    Brewer’s Yeast is best.

    • Jay Lauser

      I’ve found Nutritional to be better… but they often get mixed up. :P

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jamie-Allen/1199914586 Jamie Allen

    What’s wrong with those spices?

    • http://hnygaard.com/ Harald Nygård

      Pepper, clove, cinnamon, mustard, pickles, and vinegar gives you gas and with the wrong combination they will give you stomach problems. 

  • Lazodisibio

    My wife LOVES the book (even though she hasn’t read it yet!) because I’m much more  interested in food preparation and we find ourselves spending a lot more time in the kitchen!!  Gracie Diet!  Good for one, good for all.  Can’t wait for our little one year old to try the ice cream!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Angelo-Pappas/532491408 Angelo Pappas

    I lost ten pounds in 2 weeks because of this diet with minimal exercise.  This is THE way to change your life.

  • Drawgs

    Spices are good for you, they should not be left out of one’s diet, and the whole 4 1/2 hours apart for eating anything has been proven wrong.  Studies have shown that eating smaller portions throughout the day is better for you.  It keeps food in your stomach, which prevents gorging.

    As long as everything you eat is 100% all natural whole food (fruits, vegetables, legumes, and grains), you can eat anything and as much of it as you want whenever you want.

    The main thing which I believe this diet encompasses as well, is to eat no processed foods, and severely limit animal products to those that are lean.

    Whole, natural pasture raised eggs are one of the best things one can eat.  Ounce for ounce they have more nutrition packed in them than any fruit or vegetable (although no phyto-chemicals)

    The whole deal with the bread I just do not understand.  Not eating it when it is fresh just doesn’t make much sense to me.

    It is definitely true that pork should not be eaten, but shellfish should not be eaten either.  The general rule of thumb is to avoid scavenger animals altogether.

    • Nick West77

      You are sooooo wrong and misinformed. During short (3.5 days or less) your metabolism actually increases due to norepinephrine and epinephrine to get u up and searching for food. 6 small meals a day is BS and is very unsatisfying. You need to go check out http://www.leangains.com and read up on “Intermittent fasting”. Besides, the Gracie’s have proven this diet over more than 65 years, who are u to tell THEM that they are wrong, have u seen their condition ? Lean and mean. Now go eat your highly unsatisfying 200 calories. Good luck surviving if our food supply goes down for any small length of time. Try researching “unconventional” information, obviously modern nutritional advise is working…..because EVERYONE is normal weight, haha, right.

    • Moonskin1976

      Every Gracie who has followed the diet lived to be 90+ years. Us Americans and our “research” on diets only brings disease, obesity and death…

      • Phil

        I’m a fan of Gracie everything, and so should you be.

        It is not just Gracie Diet that is behind the success and longevity. It is also the mental and physical training, the positive vibe and energy, all of these things taken together.

        There may be some mistakes here and there, maybe in the Gracie Diet. But taken as a whole, the Gracie lifestyle is very wholesome and good.

  • Jeff

    can i eat turkey bacon?

    • http://hnygaard.com/ Harald Nygård

      If its bacon wrapped around turkey? then the answer is no. Bacon is not a part of the GD since its pork. :)

      • Nick

        turkey bacon is actually bacon made from turkey instead of pork. So the question is: Since Turkey Bacon is NOT made from Pig but from Turkey, is eating it ok. My guess would be yes.

  • Saly_walsh

    This is ridiculous, if I waited that long between meals I would be very sick. And eating bread within 24 hours? Common. This is just common sense healthy eating with some stupid theories attached. 

    • Jetpack Johnny

      What’s wrong with you? Do you not know how the human digestive track works? You’re not really hungry, your mind thinks you are because you trained it the way, because every 10 minutes there’s a food commercial on tv ! In reality you won’t be sick until hour 10. It’s like evening a baby off of Mommys breast milk, they’re gonna cry bunt eventually they learn.

      The same reason you feel sick is the same reason why most people who are addicted to cigarettes. Your brain chemistry is changing to become dependent and even addicted

  • Belen Moreno91

    no entiendo, sale q el queso crema no se puede mezclar con grupo A pero porque hay recetas en el cual se mezclan??

    • Darío

      Aparentemente, todo el queso está en el grupo C… pero si se funde/cocina pasa al grupo A. No tengo muy claro a qué se debe…

    • Darío

      Aparentemente, todo el queso está en el grupo C… pero si se funde/cocina pasa al grupo A. No tengo muy claro a qué se debe…

  • Lee

    Hello Rorion, you should read the books by the Dutch man Jan De Vries.

  • guest

    cinnamon? Why?

    Its already proved that the best way is eata little every 3 hours.

  • Joao Paulo Dupui

    I would like to know about “berries”. Are they healthy to be eaten as natural “snack”? Also, dehydrated fruits, what is GD opinion about it. Thanks.

  • Joao Paulo Dupui

    Hey, I really enjoyed the three survival kit for anytime-eating-healthy. Do you have others variations likewise? I mean, once I saw a documentary about the origins of GJJ and I heard that was inspired by monks. Don’t you have a very frugal meal plan?

  • Jetpack Johnny

    I love steak, is it ok to eat steak? Like at all. I don’t want to turn into a rabbit just to drop some weight

    • Feno

      This is what i do: Don´t eat meat mon-fri and do it weekend just respect food combination.

  • Combative Dave

    I am curious as to why no mustard, pickles or vinegar. I have read that eating foods with a vinegar base help reduce insulin release, therefor preventing fat storage.

  • ORB

    Check out youngitity about the amount of vitamins that are in our foods. we lack Selinum and many other esentials in our diets. The writer is very knowledgable!

  • JL

    Almost everywhere, I read that eating more (about 6) and smaller meals is better. Also snacks are advised in the form of nuts and (dried) fruits. And what about cinnamon’s healing properties? Thanks,

  • richie

    what is the rationale for not eating pork in any form?

    • RayRay

      Back in the days pork got you sick. I forget the sickness. It starts with the letter “t”. Rorion Gracie said now they just dont eat it to stick to tradition.

      • Shayna Beneda

        Trichinosis is the illness you can get from pork.

  • from chubby to king neptune

    One day I thought I was having a heart attack because my heart was beating so fast for hours. I went to the emergency room. The doc said I was lacking potassium. He gave me some potassium pills for the cause. I also changed my diet because I was concerned for my health. For breakfast plain oatmeal. Bannanna blue berry smoothie. Snack nuts and apple. lunch broccoli or spinach with tuna or salmon or chicken breast. Snack nuts and some type of fruit. Dinner same as lunch. Snack banana. I drink lots of water and I take a multivitam and flaxseed vitamins every day. Weekend meals eggs coconut water. Corn on a cob. Avacado. Then after a week and a couple days after, I notice changes in my body. I got really ripped. I see like the v shape and my stomache got flat. I lost like over 10 1bs without cardio or any type of fitness training. Thats awesome. Now I got confidence and got a new hobby. I train jiu jitsu and muay thai and event circuit training type exercises. Then jog 4 miles every other day 3 times a week. Made my body look stronger. I still stick to my diet but I have my cheat days eating junk but in small portions. So im still good as long as I stay active.

  • Tomzweivierzwei

    Basically I understand the Gracie Diet and I’m practicing it since years as good as I can. But I don’t understand to avoid things like cinnamon (even fresh or only dried?) and pepper. And I don’t understand that solanums like aubergine and spinach are accepted as they destroy/remove minerals (esp. magnesia) in the body. I hope to be able to get the book in Germany soon. And I hope questions like these are answered in it…;)

    • Tomzweivierzwei

      OK, I found the ginger info in the meantime. Guess I worked with old information so far. And the cinnamon I mixed up with cilantro. I don’t like cinnamon anyway. Just got in my slippers, hehe.

  • Fernando Bittencourt

    To nessa 100% gracie diet grato btk

  • Erika
  • Rozay

    Is it OK to start my 9 yr old which happens to be a very picky eater on the gracie diet ?

  • sara

    Hi, i have always wondered if seeds are neutral or are they considered as a food group A likely to nuts ?

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A "Dieta Gracie" é um sistema alimentar desenvolvido durante 65 anos de pesquisa e experimentação pelo Grande Mestre Carlos Gracie. Baseada no bom senso e na combinação adequada dos alimentos, ela é o segredo do sucesso da maior família de atletas do mundo.

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A "Dieta Gracie" é um sistema alimentar desenvolvido durante 65 anos de pesquisa e experimentação pelo Grande Mestre Carlos Gracie. Baseada no bom senso e na combinação adequada dos alimentos, ela é o segredo do sucesso da maior família de atletas do mundo.