Dica da Dieta Gracie: Perca Peso Comendo Bananas

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Uma refeição somente de bananas, ou de qualquer outra fruta comida sozinha, vai ajudá-lo a perder peso.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=693757770 Daniel Christensen

    any reason you do not follow anymore?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=693757770 Daniel Christensen

    I am a newbie to the Gracie Diet and I am excited. Been about two weeks of transition and I already feel great.  Today I am having 4 Mangos for brekky…

    love it

  • Tonyd13440

    The Gracie Diet is the real deal, I train Jiu Jitsu and fight MMA, and I can honestly say this diet makes me feel better physically and mentally than I’ve ever felt in my life. You have nothing to lose by trying it and everything to gain..

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Durianrider-Vegano/608626426 Durianrider Vegano

    Look up the ’50 bananas a day’. Thats my gal, she is living proof.

  • Graff artist

    If more people realized the crap that animals are fead and all of the hormones and growth stimulants, they wouldnt eat it. America is the only country on the planet where it is legal to use these drugs on animals meant for human consumption. The gracie diet will help you live a longer much healthier life. What is the leading cause of death among adults? Heart attacks. Why? Hardening of the arteries (Blockage) What causes this? Cholesterol mostly and the highest concentration of cholesterol comes from meat, PERIOD. Meat is just bad all around, I dont care if it is beef or poultry. It will kill you eventually. There are many different extremely good all veggie dishes that people will enjoy. My being a vegetarian has helped me easily control my weight and my health has GREATLY improved. Do I use the gracie diet? A lot of it yes, I’m not a juicer though. I dont like smoothies or drinking some of the vegetable juices but I do eat the friuts and the vegetables whole & mostly raw. I do like to steam or sautee some of them. It is a great diet though. Most people don’t realize that it isn’t in a doctors best interest (their back pockets) to tell you these things. They would rather put you on drugs or some other type of weight loss product that they get kick backs on.

    • gamer2012

      The idea that cholesterol and/or saturated fat from diet is the cause of heart disease (the “fat hypothesis” of heart disease) is of course a popular one. But there are many scientists who claim that it is not supported by the data.

  • http://www.vanslykefitness.com Adam

    Just remember, people fear what they do not understand. I support this program, if for no other reason than at the most simplistic concept, this diet support whole foods. For the naysayers, try to disprove the health effects of whole foods versus processed foods.

  • Jeff

    I am in a Master of Science Program in Exercise and Fitness at USSA.  We cover nutrition in just about every class and have entire semesters based on nutrition and dieting.  I have also tried many diets over the years to see which diet or more properly, eating plan did the best; Atkins, P90X, Insanity, Jillian Michaels, Warrior.  For me, I found the Warrior diet to be the best.  I have not tried the Gracie diet, but in principle it’s very similar to common sense and Warrior diet. 

    There’s also some new research which shows that minimizing the acidity in food helps promote health and lessen the risks for most cancers.  The Gracie Diet clearly works to minimize acidity in your diet.  

    I have not done the Gracie diet myself, but it follows many of the same principles as Warrior Diet.  Maybe I will guinea pig myself again and try to hybrid the two.

  • Jcreencia7

    I’m a student of BJJ myself and hold the Gracies in such high regard, but seriously, this notion of “food combining” is predicated on nothing more than a speculation and personal anecdote. Many of the comments made concerning the diet are blatantly incorrect- a grotesque ignorance of nutrition and physiology. It bewilders me that people are so inclined to adhere to a regimen like this because it has the Gracie name behind it. By all means, it is not a dangerous diet in any respect, but the “theories” behind the food combinations are ludicrous and not necessarily optimal for health and body composition. 

    • disc order

      actually there is some empirical data around food combinations. for instance cooking red meat produces heterocyclic amines a known cancer causing carcinogen but is neutralized by adding rosemary and some other antioxident spices. don’t believe me, read every science and medical journal. while these methods are surely not lab tested to prove results it appears to anecdotaly work with his own family and students, and for competitions

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=683937850 Mark T Rex Acquaviva

        A cancer causing carcinogen? Isn’t that a bit redundant?

    • LizaL

      The Gracie’s are among the fittest people on the planet. Books like “Fit for Life” (based on food combining) have saved millions from obesity and illness. Look at the site 30 bananas a day to see hundreds of cases of people who have benefited by eating like this. Look at animals we are most genetically close to – apes and gorillas – what do they eat? What the Gracie diet teaches is not antiquated ignorance – it is age-old wisdom. It is science. You only have to try it to see how much better you instantly feel and how much more energy you get. It is not just some untested theory!

      • LizaL

        Sorry was typing fast – I said look at “30 bananas a day” – it is a website that shows the benefits of eating high quantities of fruit at a time.

    • grundy923

      So you admit that there is nothing “wrong” with the gracie diet but you want to blast people for eating this way? Why? Just because it’s not clinically proven in a double blind study funded by corporations with vested interests does not mean that nobody should do it. If there’s nothing harmful with it then why do you care if people want to eat this way?

  • C0405234

    I go to Gracie Barra and I have been eating a lot of bananas

  • Marc Dos Santos

    >A meal of only bananas (or any other single fruit) will help you lose >weight.

    This is simply insane.

    Im all for eating whole foods and cutting out additives, refined sugars and all the rest but these gimmick diets are never balanced.

    And just because it worked for one man and his metabolism doenst meake it a good diet.
     Micheal Phelps is the best swimmer in the history of his sport and he would take 10,000 calories a day and stuff himself with Big Macs.
    Just because it worrks for him doesnt make it a good diet.

    Balance is the key to good nutrition (along with avoiding the things I mentioned above). And things like ‘Eat 18 oranges in one sitting’ is the hallmark of gimmick diets.

    Over 30 years of watching people try the Grapefruit Diet or single food diet shows that people will believe anything.

    Im not saying dont eat healthy but think balance rather than the obscene gorging of one food.

    • Angela Etzkorn

      So eating two meals a day of special k for two weeks makes perfect sense to everyone but the idea of consuming a meal of bananas is ludicrous? And no one said to gorge yourself on bananas. Try a meal of a couple of bananas from someone who has done it as a breakfast for years it is satisfying energizing.

  • Biddog11l

    This is the raw vegan way!  Durianrder, freelee, Michael Arnstein all do the same thing.  I have been eating 30 bananas a days since march 29, 2012. it is the best!!!

    • LizaL

      Agreed!! Durianrder, freelee,are living examples (outside of BJJ) that shows this stuff works.

  • ALMP

    I ate 4 hard boiled eggs this morning. I will be eating again around 1230p.  I had 2 cups of blk coffee. (plus 4 cups of water)  I am weening myself for this life changing experience.  (following the phase part of the book) lol

    Any advice anyone can give.

  • guest

    A meal of only bananas?  You’re asking for a blood sugar and insulin spike, which might confuse your appetite and result in acne, weight gain etc.

    • Nicholas

       My uncle had bad acne for the first 20 years of his life and was given pills by doctors to take every day and they did not really do much to help. ever since he has been on the gracie diet which has involved having around 3-5 bananas in a smoothie his acne has cleared up without any tablets.
      Yet people will happily pig out on chocolate which isnt even good sugar compared to lets say… fruit, such as…. oh yeah! bananas!
      As for appetite learn to not snack inbetween meals and drink water/coconut water. ive been doing it for 2 years and it been the best 2 years of my life.

    • LizaL

      Check out the website called “30 bananas a day” to see how many people have LOST weight, cleared up acne and balanced out insulin levels. on high banana-only meals on a regular basis.Since humans are a predominantly fruit-eating species like their closest relatives gorillas, apes and monkeys, it is absurd to think that eating fruit is in any way bad for you. Think about it. Also read “Fit for Life” or “*80-10-10″. Both are available on amazon. It is not just the Gracies who are saying this.

  • http://www.facebook.com/familiavalecamara Família Vale Camara


    • http://www.facebook.com/marcio.sousa.359 Márcio Sousa

      Acho que você terá que substituir uma das refeições principais do dia, por uma refeição somente de bananas!

    • http://www.facebook.com/marcio.sousa.359 Márcio Sousa

      Acho que você terá que substituir uma das refeições principais do dia, por uma refeição somente de bananas!

    • Robson

      Tenho seguido as orientações do livro, mantendo o espaço entre as refeições em quatro horas e meia e mina última refeição é de um só tipo de fruta: venho perdendo 1kg por semana, há 04 semanas. Recomendo!

      • Alexandre

        Mas perdeu foi gordura ou massa magra junto???

        • Robson

          Sempre haverá catabolismo, não existe redução de peso sem perda muscular. O que todos procuram é reduzi-la ao mínimo. Na busca desse ideal, os profissionais de alimentação sugerem 1g de proteína a por kg corpóreo magro do seu corpo. Faz a dieta Gracie e procura ingerir um tipo de proteína em acda refeição (respeitando as combinações).

  • Poopy Pants

    I eat a meal of prunes when I want to lose weight.

    Seriously, does the heavily fruit based diet ever cause too good of a digestion?

  • http://twitter.com/InformalGreetin Informal Greeting

    Being allergic to bananas I am limited in how much I could follow the Gracie diet. No, I’m not a doctor but my wife is. She fully endorses the diet, it accomplishes exactly what she wants her patients to do- eat whole natural foods, stay away from excess saturated fat, eat lots of fruit and vegetables of different colors, and being balanced in macronutrients. Whether there is any validity to the food combinations or not the diet as a whole will get you where you need to go and the combinations will prevent you from over eating in any one particular area which ensures a more rounded diet.

  • Feno

    Is your doctor as healthy and active as Rorion????

    • James Villalobos

      Definitely not. Physicians don’t have that much time to roll on mats- and they have little understanding of nutrition. Eventhough they know for a fact that nutrition pays a huge influence in human performance of any kind. “let your good be your medicine, an from the food you eat come your medicine.” Hippocrates, Greek physician and father of medicine. “All illnesses have a nutritional deficiency component.” Linus Pauling- Nobel prize (twice) one on chemistry. If you ever heard of that “vitamins and minerals are need for good health” he was the one who said it, plus that some moderate exercises also. I encourage you to read the Nobel acceptance speech of Pavlov- it deals with nutrition (it will open your eyes.) Maestre Helio Gracie said: “all illnesses come into one thru our mouths.”
      Just curious: are you as fit as Rorion?

  • LizaL

    Great point! People don’t realize that using a diet and testing it on yourself and is the greatest scientific practice you can do. Judge by results not by theories! Many so-called nutritional experts and even doctors are overweight and unfit. Rorion and the other Gracies who use this diet are in absolutely peak health.

  • jackson torres

    this deffinetly is better than a doctor want to get the graciediet book but cant yet

  • Get a new life

    Qual a quantidade de bananas podemos substituir uma refeição, por exemplo o jantar?

    • Rob soN

      É importante que leia o livro, pois usar uma dica sozinha sem se aliar a todo o círculo virtuoso da Dieta Gracie, não terá efeito quase nenhum.

      Fatores como:
      – escolher se alimentar, OU entre 4 horas e meia, OU a cada 5 horas;
      – NÃO combinar determinados tipos de alimentos, como óleo e açúcar;
      – fazer duas refeições com frutas, sendo que uma deve conter APENAS UM TIPO de fruta;
      – a quantidade de alimentos é particular, ele recomenda que se coma até encher seu estômago em NO MÁXIMO 80%.

      Eu me alimentava até bem, mas, sempre que ia fazer o meu jiujitsu ou a musculação, sentia que o alimento ainda demorava pra sair do estômago, e ficava arrotando aquela comida durante os treinos. Além de estar sempre sonolento. Isso tudo mudou, por isso recomendo a todos que me perguntam.
      Adquira o livro e adote a alimentação, vai mudar a sua vida.

  • Louis in Delaware

    I’ve been eating one banana now every day for breakfast with my cup of coffee ( I will NEVER, repeat NEVER give up my morning coffee—but I digress). Eating the banana keeps me satisified until lunch. Some days,if there’s a long stretch between my breakfast and lunch, I will sometimes have another fruit–usually an apple.
    For lunch, I have natural fresh almond butter on a WASA WHOLE GRAIN cracker (which is WHEAT FREE) and a cup of homemade vegetable soup with lentils or beans.
    I have another piece of fruit or two between lunch and dinner.
    Dinner is a big salad with olive oil dressing, 6-8 oz. of broiled chicken or fish, and one or 2 cooked non starchy veggies.
    For dessert I treat myself to a sugar free frozen popsicle.
    I also walk 2 miles a day- leisurely for enjoyment—not looking to win any marathon medals here.
    Weight is coming off staedily about 1-2 pounds a week. Not bad for a 62 year old with hypothyroidism. This is what works for ME, and I no longer obsess about food or food preparation all day long. Life is beautiful! Hope you all find what works best for YOU!

  • Gabi Delgado

    Testado e aprovado! Desde que iniciei a dieta gracie, mudei minha alimentação e aliada ao Jiu Jitsu eliminiei 19 quilos!

  • Cprev

    Why did you stop the Gracie Diet??

  • Cprev

    Maybe Way of life LIFEstyle

  • Adriana Araujo

    I’ve been doing Gracie diet almost two months and I’m totally happy doing it. I lost weight, I’m feeling with energy and I’m feeling my body lighter. Thank you very very much for thar.

  • Nany Lima Costa

    Eu vejo que a banana é muito citada mas o pior é que detesto. :/

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A "Dieta Gracie" é um sistema alimentar desenvolvido durante 65 anos de pesquisa e experimentação pelo Grande Mestre Carlos Gracie. Baseada no bom senso e na combinação adequada dos alimentos, ela é o segredo do sucesso da maior família de atletas do mundo.

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A "Dieta Gracie" é um sistema alimentar desenvolvido durante 65 anos de pesquisa e experimentação pelo Grande Mestre Carlos Gracie. Baseada no bom senso e na combinação adequada dos alimentos, ela é o segredo do sucesso da maior família de atletas do mundo.